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Fix employee burnout

Reduce employee churn, spend less time resolving conflicts, and stop burnout at the source

The Beyond YOU 8-week guided program is easy to implement at scale, targets burnout directly, and results in a quantifiable reduction in employee burnout symptoms.

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You're not the only one struggling

Burnout is a global problem

The rapid move to a digital workplace has created severe burnout problems that modern HR teams were never trained or properly equipped to deal with.

Of employees are dissatisfied with their company's support
Average time required to fill an open position
42 days
Total cost of conflict to businesses annually
$359 B
It's not your fault burnout is out of control

Traditional HR procedures don't address burnout

Your current tools don’t work because they are not designed to target the individual symptoms of burnout or prevent its spread through your organization.

Performance improvement plans

PIP's make your colleagues feel like they're under attack

Firing low performers

Pink slips increase the stress and workload of remaining employees

Employee surveillance software

Employee monitoring software is easy to trick and widely despised by teams

More time off

Adding benefits doesn't address burnout symptoms and you can't measure impact
Build a healthy digital company culture

Reduce Employee Burnout in 8 weeks

You don’t have to reach for performance improvement plans and pink slips. In 4 easy steps we’ll help you address the real sources of burnout and give your team the tools to manage and reduce burnout symptoms.

Step 1

Consultation and Problem Identification

Speak with our head of program success, Peter, about the challenges you are facing.

Step 2

Assess and Onboard Your Team Members

Assess employee sentiment, schedule the program and establish cohort management.

Step 3

Participants recover from burnout in 8 weeks

Your team completes our self-diagnostic assessment and self-reflective process for improvement.

Step 4

Measure the increase in employee satisfaction

Reduce turnover, improve your teams mental and physical health, and improve productivity.

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You don't have to fire your friends

Be your team’s defender, not their executioner

Protect your colleagues from the struggles of chronic anxiety, sleepless nights, strained relationships, and loss of employment.

BeyondYOU provides:
  • Targeted solution for employee burnout

  • Low risk and quick results

  • Instant measures of success

  • Your employee's data is safe

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BeyondYOU enables you to:

  • Reduce employee churn and increase retention of top performers

  • Build a healthy company culture and make recruiting top talent easier

  • Measure and monitor reductions in employee’s burnout symptoms

So you can avoid:

  • Burnout symptoms festering and spreading through your workforce

  • Making things worse with PIPs, spyware, and pink slips

  • Burnt out employees quiet quitting or leaving negative reviews of your organization

Sophonaut has been an invaluable resource as I’ve made pivotal transitions in my career, both horizontal and vertical. They not only have a systematic framework for evaluating tradeoffs when making critical decisions but also inspire self-discovery. They've helped me devise, track, and measure key objectives while setting a high bar for accountability.

Vishal Vijayakumar
Senior Product Manager, Cisco

Sophonaut's consultative approach has helped me rethink my approach to physical and mental health. Their ability to synthesize each element of the habit-forming mentality necessary to reach my goals has changed the game for me.

Dhruva Noel
Sales Development Representative, WePay
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